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If I could, I'd give 10 stars. Fred and his crew have been cleaning my grills for about 4 years now. There name is completely accurate. When done, the grill does look new. What I did not know until recently is Fred can get you a new grill at a terrific price. I had a nice grill that unfortunately was not installed properly. Fred did his best to keep it working but finally it died a final death. I now have a beautiful and properly installed grill. And this is important. Those of us who like to cook basically can grill 12 months out of the year. My grill is very important to me and my family. So, whether it's maintaining your grill or if you need a new one, the only place to call is Back2New. Fred and his crew will take care of you.

Rick B.

Submitted: 09/02/2021

Oh my God! I can't believe how good my grill looks! Better than brand new! I have been trying to figure out for a while how to get my grill cleaned and I happened on Back 2 New and their great reviews. Like everyone says, Fred was very responsive. We agreed on a date. Tyler and Bill came right on time and in this horrible heat they worked diligently and efficiently. They were so pleasant and professional. I am signing up for annual cleaning maintenance to keep it looking like this. There's only one problem- my grill looks so good that I don't want to cook on it now and mess it up!!! LOL!!

christy s.

Submitted: 07/07/2021

Contacted Fred, the owner, to have his crew come to my home to evaluate / clean my built-in bbq in my home I moved in to about a year ago. His crew determined the built-in was old and it needed new burners, valves, and basically a rebuild. Fred responded to my home within 30 minutes of his crew making the assessment and he suggested a new built-in because rebuilding the existing built-in would cost almost as much as a new one. He found a new built-in from the same company at a very good price and with all the features and dimensions as the old one. He quoted me an excellent price for the new one and to install it. I went on-line after he gave me the quote to check pricing and and realized he was saving me about $100 for what I could buy it for on-line. I am very pleased with Fred's customer service, responsiveness, professionalism and his integrity. If you need someone to provide excellent service, Fred is your guy. We joked when I first called him because we share the same first name, don't see a lot of Fred's around anymore, so I knew he would be a good guy, and he is, lol!!! I highly recommend him and his crew to provide to your BBQ cleaning / repair needs.

Fred h

Submitted: 06/20/2021

Just had my grill cleaned by the folks from Back to New. I have a built in grill and have had it for about 5 years. I have never had it professionally cleaned before and you can imagine how it looked. A friend of mine recommended this company and I reached out. The call was responded to quickly and a quote and a date for cleaning set up within a day of initial contact. The fellas who came out and cleaned my grill were courteous and professional and did an spectacular job. The grill went from a mess to a sparkling new looking grill. As if I had never used it. Incredible. I will be using these folks on a regular basis from here on out. I now know the difference and won't go back to what I had. I almost hate to use it again. Almost!!

Kent Davidson

Submitted: 06/10/2021

Positive: Professionalism, Punctuality, Quality, Responsiveness, Value Their company name says it all! First and foremost, my Weber grill looks amazing. The guys showed up on time, (didn’t think anyone did anymore) were personable and professional. The communication with the owner was excellent. I’ll gladly keep using these guys.

Greg B

Submitted: 05/26/2021

If you need your BBQ grill cleaned I would highly recommend this company. After we moved into our house the outside grill was a disaster. It was apparent the prior owner never clean the grill as the build up of grease was caked all over the inside of the grill. After I attempted to clean it myself I gave up after two hours of trying to remove the grease that had solidified inside the grill. I called Back 2 the New BBQ cleaners they responded in a day after the call and did one heck of a professional job cleaning the grill and restoring it to looking like a brand new grill. The price was fair and the two workers knew there stuff. If your grill looks like a disaster with years of built in grease these are the guys to call.

John s.

Submitted: 01/14/2021

I have used Back 2 New's services for several years. Fred and his crew always do an outstanding job cleaning my grills. Recently, my grill needed to be replaced. He researched the different new gas grill options for me, and made it very easy for me to make the best decision. Then, when he came to install it, he corrected some gas line mistakes that were made by the previous installer. Fred even installed a new gas regulator, something that the previous installer did not bother to do. I was not even aware that there was no regulator on my grill, until he pointed it out. Bottom line, Fred is an expert in every phase of gas grills: cleaning, installing and troubleshooting problems. When I call him to do something, I know that it will always be done right.

Glenn L

Submitted: 11/12/2020

Fred did an exceptional job replacing my BBQ. He is truly an asset to the Las Vegas Valley. Great customer service and reasonably priced, we need more people like Fred doing business !

John D.

Submitted: 10/15/2020

CALL FRED!!! I called Back 2 New after reading multiple stories about grill grease traps catching fire. We moved into our new home about 16 months ago and inherited a beautiful built in from the previous owner. With that being said, I had no idea what kind of cleaning they had done to the grill over the previous decade. The cooking area looked clean but who know what is underneath! Fred and Tyler came out looked at my grill, checked my grease traps, changed the batteries in my igniters and then REFUSED the job! Fred explained to me that he would feel "Guilty" taking money to clean a grill that is basically clean! OMG can you believe it? An HONEST service provider! Fred told me to use my grill more often and call him next year when it will actually need to be cleaned. I will definitely call Fred when I am ready and I will be telling everyone else I know to call him in the meantime! Thank you Fred for your quick response and integrity!

Melissa F.

Submitted: 09/14/2020

This isn't your normal wipe down your grill cleaning. They are exceptionally thorough and had my grill looking new! Now I just need to continue with maintenance cleans. I was highly impressed and thoroughly recommend!

dana t.

Submitted: 09/01/2020

WOW!! We grill year 'round and our grill looked like it!! Back 2 New BBQ cleaner not only made our BBQ looks amazing again, they also gave us super helpful information on obtaining stainless steel plate to cover the gap behind our bbq..Super nice, super efficient!!! worth every penny!! THANKS SOOOO MUCH!!!

Tony and Nanette V.

Submitted: 07/20/2020

I've been seeing their truck in my neighborhood for quite sometime. I finally gave them a call to request their services. They were kind and friendly on the phone which was a great start. By the time they came around to cleaning my bbq, which was about a month later because they are busy and in high demand, it was finally my turn. I use my bbq very often, several times a week. It has never been cleaned and I figured it was about time. All I can say is WOW!! They did an amazing job on bringing my grill back to life! They also suggested I do a high temperature paint on the inside to prevent rust and easier cleaning in the future which I'm glad I did because it looks amazing! Super happy with their work and I'll be having them back on a regular basis.

Nabil s.

Submitted: 07/14/2020

6/23/2020 I contacted "Back 2 New BBQ Cleaner" service to schedule an appointment to clean my BBQ grill. Approximately 15 minutes before the scheduled time, Fred, the Owner, called to let me know he was on his way to my residence. He was prompt, very cordial, professional and patiently informed me what the entire process would entail, as well as the cost. He and his helper (Tyler) were very meticulous and thorough in the cleaning of the BBQ grill, and completed the entire job as stated in his advertisement of "Back 2 New", in what I viewed as a very proficient and timely manner. I would not hesitate in recommending Fred and his business to any one in need of his excellent service!!! Great Job! Thanks to living up to your motto!! Bud C. (6/22/20) Las Vegas,NV

Bud C.

Submitted: 06/24/2020

6/20/2020 Fred was so helpful diagnosing our grill problem so we needed a new grill. He took away our old grill and before he left he connected our natural gas so when our new one arrived it would be ready to use. When our new grill arrived my husband had a problem and a few questions. He called Fred and he came quickly and helped us again. Such great customer service. Please call Fred for barbecue cleaning and any help with your grill.

Tam D.

Submitted: 06/22/2020

5/28/2020 I needed to have my 2 plus year old built in grill cleaned because I was listing my home for sale. I was shocked at the process Back 2 New goes through to make a bbq sparkle like new. It was impressive! My bbq looks amazing and would definitely use this company again in the future.

daneille B.

Submitted: 06/22/2020

Fred thanks so much for the service today the guys did an awesome job. The grill looks amazing. Thanks for the recommendation of the high temperature paint. It is a great touch. The grill looks actually as good as the first day I used it. John and Tyler showed up exactly at the promised time and were very professional and friendly. Its nice to see Money well spent


Submitted: 05/11/2020

This company is totally legit. My 10 year old BBQ looks like new! They we efficient, respectful and really good to work with. I also had them clean all the dust out of my fireplace. I will definitely use them again. I give them 5 stars!

Pamela wandel

Submitted: 05/09/2020

Our tenant used and never cleaned the brand new grill that we provided two and a half years ago. After looking at it, a handyman and a contractor turned down our request to clean it out . We were not ready to trash this $800 investment and I researched on Yelp and called Back 2 New. I thought their price was really expensive but i was surprised when they got to the property. It is a real team of three people with a truck and serious equipment that explains the price. The Barbecue is now just like new inside and outside. They even were on time! This is definitely worth the wait and the price. It is materially impossible to do a better job than what they do.


Submitted: 03/27/2020

Fred, just wanted to send kudos out to John and Jesus for the EXCELLENT job they did on our grill. They were extremely friendly, professional and thorough. They didn't rush the job or leave areas unattended. They paid attention to detail, as a retired USAF member, I can never find that outside of the service, and ESPECIALLY here in Vegas. Thumbs up to your company and staff! Thank you! Jeff D.

Submitted: 09/14/2019

A very professional organization from their approach to my house, and their communication. We had an unusual object in our grill that was very difficult to remove. It took persistence and a long time to accomplish the removal. The cleaning was excellent and they only cleaned what they thought was necessary. They were very honest, very competent, and very pleasant to have taking care of us. I absolutely recommend them with no reservation.

Neil Swissman

Submitted: 08/21/2019

These guys do great work. Efficient, competitively priced, friendly and the grill will look good as new!

Scott Mahan

Submitted: 08/01/2019

Fred did an exceptional job for us. He ended up researching the purchase of a new grill. He installed the grill and was so prompt! I would highly recommend Fred and his company - whether you need your grill cleaned or you need to think about replacing it. We found him to be very fairly priced and responsible.

Sonya evans

Submitted: 07/18/2019

Fred, This is Jerry N. Just a note to let you know that the two individuals John and Jesus that were here yesterday to clean the grill did an awesome job. I have to tell you it was so much better than the individual that cleaned it the first time. They worked , very hard to make it look almost new. Good job and kudos to them. Hopefully they're available next year when it's time to clean the grill again. Thank you By the way when my wife got home from work she absolutely loved the new look! Thanks so much for sending the two of them to clean our grill.

Jerry N

Submitted: 07/04/2019

From the initial call to request service to the job being completed all I can say is WOW. Kirk and Jesus Arrived on time (actually early) and got right to work. A thorough cleaning and replaced the igniter. I am very happy with the results and can't wait to use my grill again. I would highly recommend this company.


Submitted: 04/02/2019

Fred was AMAZING and friendly! He quickly responded to my inquiry and squeezed a survey into his busy schedule. He came out to our home, surveyed the existing grill, and gave his professional opinion on replacing our grill, all in THE SAME DAY! Such amazing and fast customer service! Extremely excited to enjoy the summer with our new grill thanks to Fred and his team!! Highly recommend Back 2 New!!


Submitted: 03/18/2019

I would like to complement Fred and his crew for the fantastic job on my patio grill. Fred explained what the job would entail and what to expect. The job exceeded my expectations. He also shared some helpful tips on how to properly maintain my grill.

Chuck Martinez

Submitted: 03/16/2019

Fred couldn't have been a nicer guy. To start with, he responded promptly to my initial call and quickly gave me a quote based on a texted picture of my dirty grill. He arrived promptly on the day of service after a reminder call the day before. he and his assistant worked for about 1 1/2 hours on my grill (it's pretty darn large and hadn't been cleaned in a very long time). Couldn't be more pleased. Truly looks like new. Highly recommended. Would post before and after pix here if I could.

Joel Esrig

Submitted: 02/06/2019

Recently purchased a house that had a built in grill that needed some work. Had B2N come out to service it and they gave me straight forward honest answer that it had been so damaged over time that what would need to be done would most likely be more than buying a new grill to replace. Cant thank them enough for taking the time to come and assess and not instead take our money to just clean it up. Thanks again. Look forward to working with when new grill becomes dirtied!


Submitted: 11/08/2018

I can honestly say that these guys are the best. We had our house under contract and wanted to leave behind a clean grill. We were very impressed with the quality of their work! Highly recommended!


Submitted: 10/10/2018

Back 2 new came by on 9-14-18 (Bob and Tim) and cleaned my BBQ. It took them 2 hrs. I could've done it in 2 hrs, but it definitely would not have looked as good as they left it! They know what they're doing and it shows! Two good guys that did a great job. If you want your BBQ to look like you just bought it, give them a call! It was worth it.


Submitted: 09/24/2018

Been in my house 9 years. My grill was already a mess when I got here. Over the years, I've tried to get it clean several times. It just never looked good. I was ready to spend a few thousand on a new grill. But then I saw the Back 2 New sign in a truck in traffic. I called and spoke to Fred. He was able to make it look like new for a few hundred dollars. I highly recommend Back 2 New for anyone that needs their grill cleaned. You won't regret it. Best money I've spent in a long time.

Jack Love

Submitted: 09/11/2018

It was a pleasure working with Fred. He is an honest and reliable businessman who charges a reasonable fee for his services. Fred removed my old BBQ and install a new one with expertise. He even came back a few days later to install a searing burner free of charge. Thank you Fred and I will have you take care of my fireplace in the near future. 5 stars rating!

Luan Tran

Submitted: 08/31/2018

To be honest, our outdoor grill was pretty disgusting after 5 years of cooking and the frequent Vegas dust storms. When we decided to host a party at our home we reached out to Back 2 New to save the day. Fred came out quickly and once he was done, WOW was the first word that came to mind. It looked just like new. We only wish we had thought to take before and after shots. Highly recommend!


Submitted: 07/11/2018

Heard an ad on the radio for this service and called. Glad I did. My 3 year old built in outdoor grill looks great. They did a good job, even spray painted the interior so it wouldn’t rust. Offered a cleaning program, every 6 moths, which I gladly agreed to. I can’t ever get the grill this clean on my own. Very neat and clean, even put a tarp on the pavers so nothing would happen to them while cleaning. Highly recommend this service.


Submitted: 05/16/2018

Fred was excellent! We needed assistance with our gas fireplace. On time and ready to get to work. Very friendly and helpful in explaining things. Got the job done and provided helpful tips. Great pricing for the service. Highly recommended!

Jim and Salli

Submitted: 04/28/2018

Wow wow wow!!! 😳 Our grill was sooo clean it looked brand new. Unreal! For a small extra charge they'll also paint the inside of the grill so it doesn't rust. Get that service, it's worth it. We strongly recommend Back 2 New compared to anyone in town. Forget about doing it yourself...I did that for years and got pretty good though I never got our grill looking like new again. 100% satisfied and 100% recommend. Don't think about it...hire them today!!! Thank you much!


Submitted: 03/30/2018

YELP 5.0 star rating 2/21/2018 The best bbq cleaners in Las Vegas! Fred takes pride in his work and is really a good person. My grill is like new again and it's 10yrs old. He comes for yearly clean up which is great. His prices are reasonable too.


Submitted: 02/21/2018

Today we had our three gas fireplaces cleaned after 4 years of use and they look like new. Fred suggested that we have him paint the inside walls black which really makes a huge difference in the apprehance when the fire is going. I highly recommend his services and will be having him back next year.

George Leishman

Submitted: 12/21/2017

Wow what a great job! I have an old BBQ and it looks like new now! Thank you Fred If you have a BBQ old or new call Fred you won’t be disappointed. Thanks I have to BBQ tonight

Kathy Clayton

Submitted: 12/19/2017

Fred is an honest and trustworthy businessman. I called him to get a quote for doing a deep cleaning on my CharmGlow BBQ and he informed me that given the cost to clean/repair my island grill to get it working, it may be a better option for me to buy a new grill. It's nice that someone would tell you the truth and treat you the right way when it comes to these kinds of things. Thanks Fred, would be happy to use your services sometime in the future.

Imran R.

Submitted: 11/29/2017

We have been using Fred’s service on our BBQ since we moved to NV 4 years ago. Recently we had him clean our 2 fireplaces and couldn’t be more pleased. He’s on time, friendly, knowledgeable and reasonably priced. Highly recommend!!


Submitted: 11/10/2017

We purchased our home with a pretty well loved outdoor kitchen. 2 of 4 burners on the grill didn't work and in order to figure out the 'why' we decided to have it cleaned and repaired if needed. I called Back 2 New, and promptly received a return call to schedule. Fred arrived on time, slightly earlier than anticipated in fact. Fred looked over the grill and identified the issue. The cost of cleaning, plus parts, and factoring in the wear and tear of the previous owner the cost to fix was almost as much as replacement. Fred provided both options without judgement of one or the other being better for him, but for us. We chose to replace. Fred had another appointment clear on the opposite side of town and also had to pick up the new grill. He returned 4 hours later and installed the new grill same day! Fred definitely exceed expectations despite not actually cleaning the grill, which we knew was a possibility going into the appointment. He was prompt, friendly and polite, and knowledgeable. We'll definitely have Fred back for routine cleanings. And I would feel comfortable recommending him.

Briana Mager

Submitted: 10/26/2017

I had Fred out several months back to let me know if there was any hope for the old BBQ that was in my island from previous owner. As I expected it was beyond repair and outdate from 20+ years. He took measurements and emailed me later the day with several options that would fit in the island as replacement. Several months later I finally bought one and it arrived. I sent him a text and he squeezed me in the next day. Totally reasonable price for install. Tok all the trash and gave me a quick tutorial and left everything in immaculate condition. I will be utilizing his services to clean the BBQ every 6 months. Fred and his partner are very professional and I would highly recommend them. Raine


Submitted: 09/13/2017

Fred and his partner were great. They arrived on time ( early) and walked me through the process. There were some areas of my grill that might have been covered under warranty and Fred helped me work with the manufacturer. This was even at the risk that Fred would not be able to clean my grill and hence lose a sale. Well the manufacturer gave me the run around and Fred not only cleaned my grill but also coated it so that there would not be any more issues. Hands down great experience and the grill looks great. I will definitely be using Fred again in 6 months.

Nick F.

Submitted: 05/24/2017

Erika H. to Back 2 New The BBQ Cleaner and Gas Fireplace Maintenance Thanks so much to Fred and his team for cleaning our grill!! It came out awesome! We also moved into a new home a few weeks ago and the grill had been seriously neglected for a long period of time prior to our moving in - it was completely unusable. After Fred and his team came out we were able to begin BBQing immediately! We are so thankful. Fred also painted the inside of our hood and cleaned the inside and outside of the grill - here is a picture of the finished product. Thanks so much guys, we are extremely happy and we will be regular customers as well!! :) ~Erika Harley / Lake Las Vegas Resident

Erika H.

Submitted: 04/15/2017

Fred Chase drove 30 miles to clean my ancient rust-eaten grill, only to decline the job because it would be a complete waste of money. Later that day he called to suggest several new grills he had found online with specs matching my old one, then saved me hundreds of dollars by steering me to a less expensive model with identical features to the one I was considering, and which he later installed for about the cost of his gas. A great experience.

R. McDonald

Submitted: 01/16/2017

Fred and his assistant arrived at exactly the time they said they would (8 a.m.), with a professional work trailer in tow. Fred is extremely methodical and exacting in his work. I watched as he disassembled, thoroughly cleaned, and reassembled my BBQ grill. When finished, it looked almost new -- after 11 years! I can't recommend this company was exactly the kind of business experience I was hoping for.

Paul Lemcke

Submitted: 01/03/2017

Fred. Thank you for coming so quickly and doing such a great job on my fireplace. I really appreciate it and will certainly enjoy it during this cold weather.

C. Rice

Submitted: 12/01/2016

I had called someone else to clean my BBQ grill. Someone told me that was way to high of a price, therefore I called around and my conversation with Fred seem geniune and honest. so I hired his Company " Back 2 New The BBQ Cleaner". When Fred came out he wad upfront and told me my grill was not dirty enough to charge me for a complete cleaning so we settled on just the basic cleaning. After he was finished, you would think he did a majordo over. I am a little OCD and now I am completely satisfied I can safely use my BBQ grill. I highly recommend Fred and his company. In this day and time it is refreshing to know we have honest people doing honest work for you. I wish Fred all the success. Trust me, Fred will blow you away with his work!

Lynn Kivett-Ward

Submitted: 09/29/2016

Because of Fred and his team, the word of the day today was "Wow." We moved into our home 3 weeks ago, and after more than a year of neglect, our stainless steel outdoor grill was filthy and grimey. Neither me or my husband had high expectations for what could be done, but MAN. Fred BLEW OUR MINDS with how immaculate it looks now. By Fred's suggestion, he painted the inside of the hood to prevent rust and cleaned the inside and outside of the grill. After removing the layer(s) of dirt, Fred saw that there were scratches on the outside, so he worked some magic, and we swear it all looks like new. In fact, it looks so clean that we almost don't want to cook on it because we don't want it to get messed up! It is clear that he is passionate about what he does, and he pays attention to every detail. Fred is courteous, knowledgable, efficient and very reasonably priced. We plan to be regular customers for as long as we live in Las Vegas.

Emmy Kasten

Submitted: 09/09/2016

We called Back2New-The BBQ Cleaner for an estimate of the cost of cleaning a stainless steel/painted portable grill. Fred(owner)was very pleasant, provided an approximate cost of the cleaning, and an appointment was set for the job. Fred was very prompt as to the appointment and, after viewing the condition of the grill, he brought to our attention some concerns that could become potential issues with continued use of the grill. However, he was also very forthright in stating that he could and would clean the grill as to the agreed upon price. After our discussion, and since this portable grill was set into a cut-out on the already constructed BBQ Island, my wife and I decided to purchase a new fully Stainless Steel set-in style grill. Fred took the measurements and helped us find such a new grill that would fit. Once received, we called Fred and had him install the new grill. He did an absolutely professional and beautiful job for us at what I would consider a VERY reasonable price. I would not hesitate to refer anyone to Fred and Back2New The BBQ Cleaner. Thanks Fred for an Excellent Job!!

"Bud" Cook

Submitted: 09/07/2016

I had our old built-in grill cleaned on August 22nd by Fred, the owner, and another employee. They did a great job cleaning the grill and were very good about scheduling the service and then calling the day before as a reminder. They arrived promptly and took about an hour and a half to do the cleaning. They left the area very clean and the grill looked fantastic! Great customer service.

Craig N

Submitted: 08/30/2016

Update: I have in fact received for the second year in a row the Angles list super service award! I would like to thank everyone for the wonderful reviews, I now have over 800 clients and still continues to grow on a daily basis, thanks to word of mouth from my wonderful clients! On another note, with so many clients and new clients coming on board my schedule can be booked as far as a month or more out, please understand I will do my best to get to you as soon as I possibly can. Thanks again to all my clients and future clients! Fred Chase owner/ operator of Back 2 New The BBQ Cleaner

fred chase

Submitted: 05/25/2016

Very professional, Fred called the night before to confirm appointment. He showed up on time, did an excellent job, the BBQ looks like new again. Would highly recommend, it's hard to find such great customer service these days. Will use him again.


Submitted: 05/24/2016



Submitted: 05/17/2016

Great !!! Not only did they clean and restore our BBQ but he saved my life ! He was able to detect a underground gas leak, the pipe was completely corroded thru . I could have been Blown Up ! Highly recommend this company


Submitted: 03/30/2016

Just had Fred and his assistant out, and they did a great job cleaning my grill. I got some real good advice about some parts that needed replacement, but alas are no longer made. They did repair the parts and my grill is good to go, until i bite the bullet and buy a new one. Again, a pleasure to get great work, and honest service. Highly recommended!

Sheldon Fred Feinstein

Submitted: 03/11/2016

Fred was on time, a true gentleman and extremely professional. My Wolf bbq has not been cleaned in 8 years and was not working properly. Fred did an amazing job and it is like brand new again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this company! Thank you again Fred.

C. Gunning

Submitted: 03/08/2016

Cleaned our BBQ for a great price and did a great job, Looks like new again. THANKS


Submitted: 03/05/2016

Great experience with Fred. Came on time and we are 100% pleased with the outcome. When he finished cleaning, the pit looks brand new. I ordered 4 new burners, plus the brickets. I will recommend back2new barbecue cleaner to all my friends. Job well done.Fred. Thanks.

Si Pulitzer

Submitted: 03/03/2016

I found them on line, made an appointment, Fred came out on February 23,2016, cleaned my 14 year old barbecue pit which has not been cleaned since it was new, and he He got it back to the original newness. I'm extremely pleased and would recommend him very highly.

Si Pulitzer

Submitted: 02/23/2016

Wow was all I could say when Fred put my fireplace back together. Looked brand new, all the soot was gone and we could see the tiny embers glowing again. I had forgotten that they were there. They were prompt and courteous and I will have them come again when its needed.


Submitted: 01/19/2016

Update: I have received the 2014 super service award from Angie's list for 2014 and I have been notified that I'm in line to be nominated again for 2015! My clientele list has grown to over 650 and continues to grow on a daily basis!!!! With winter approaching us it's time to get your gas fireplace ready, give me a call to set up your appointment to have your gas fireplace cleaned and don't forget your grill. Vegas is a 365/24/7 type town and grilling happens during that time, call me to get your grill cleaned as well! Please be advised! I have been booked up to 3 weeks out in the past! I will do everything I can to get your grill or gas fireplace cleaned as soon as possible, the nice thing is you can still use your grill until I can get there to clean it! Fred C. Back 2 New The BBQ Cleaner 702-480-4234


Submitted: 10/27/2015

What an outstanding make over for my "never cleaned" 9 year old grill. Fred was very professional and I will refer him to all my friends and family. Highly recommend! A+. Thanks again for a job well done.

Laurie Rocchio

Submitted: 08/19/2015

Dear Friends & Neighbors: I wanted to make you aware of a service which I located recently that you may find valuable at some point in time. The service is a BBQ Cleaning Service & Fireplace Maintenance Service which specializes in the deep cleaning and restoration of outdoor BBQ grills. Fred Chase is the owner of Back2New BBQ cleaning service and he just performed miracles on my outdoor BBQ. Sure, we likely all think we can clean our own BBQ grills but Fred really gets it done…literally BACK TO NEW! Fred’s can set you up for a 1-time cleaning or a regularly scheduled visit. Presently, Fred’s schedule is about three weeks out but he’s worth it! Fred’s website is and if you have any interest in this service he would appreciate the call. Best to all, Bryan Sandrock

Bryan Sandrock

Submitted: 07/20/2015

I found Back 2 New the BBQ Cleaner through Angies list as well as the internet, after reading through their reviews I decided to give them a try. I called and spoke with Fred the owner, not realizing that his company was a busy as it was, I still decided to book an appointment based on reviews and awards received on angies list and there web page! Fred was booked almost three weeks out at the time I called him, but I have always heard that if you want a good job then go to the busy companies! Talk about a great experience!!!! Fred and his crew just finished working on my grill, "wow" was all could say when I saw it!! Fred said that "wow" was his favorite word to hear, that 99% of his clients all say that word when they see the finished grill! Fred's work is second to none!!! well worth the wait! the nice thing is you can still use your grill until he gets to your appointment!!!! My grill looks as good as the day I bought it!!!! if not better!!!! I will continue to use Back 2 New on a regular basis even if he is booked three weeks out, I'll wait!!!!


Submitted: 06/19/2015

I was referred to this company by another company I used to fix my BBQ a few years ago. They were awesome. I told them what was wrong and he felt all I needed was a good cleaning. Fred showed up after being easy to reach and set an appointment. He exceeded expectations in every way. Literally, my BBQ looks and works like new. It was one of those rare absolutely awesome experiences when you get a service from a pro who takes pride in his work. I recommend this company without any hesitation.

Matt Morrow

Submitted: 04/29/2015

OK, I'll admit it-- I, too, am not a review writer. That said . . . My wife and I are relatively new to the LV valley, and we "inherited" what we assumed was a rather tired BBQ that we knew had been idle for at least two years and we expected to have to replace. Fred and his helper arrived on time, and after brief inspection, Fred assured me that my BBQ was in good shape and simply needed a light cleaning. I was skeptical, but he gave me a firm and very reasonable quote and went to work. Unbelievable! My BBQ looks like new, and I could not be more pleased. And, when Fred and his helper left, except for a shiny, clean, "new" BBQ, they left no evidence of ever having been to my home! Courteous, respectful, and very professional! I am impressed! I expect to have Fred back for some indoor fireplace cleaning and maintenance later in the year. Thanks again, Fred!


Submitted: 04/13/2015



Submitted: 04/09/2015

OK, I am not one for writing reviews but this time I can't help but share with everyone how fantastic Fred and his crew are for doing a GREAT job at a reasonable price. My BBQ was the subject of many comments when friends came over to eat because I love to cook but hate to clean up. So in the past I tried and tried to keep my BBQ looking good and clean but it always ended up in disappointment. I spent numerous hours scrubbing, buying cleaners and scrubbers to get rid of the grease built up and it always ended up looking a good failed attempt. When I cooked the food tasted burnt and blackened because of the grease build up and fires that always robbed me from making a great steak. Flare ups and residue smoke was a common experience. Fred arrived as scheduled on time and quickly went to work cleaning what I thought was a lost cause but had to try out only because I gave up on this grill years ago and buying another grill was not an option. After a few hours I looked at my grill when he was done and was lost for words! The last time it looked so good was the day I purchased it 10 years ago. I was lost for words. Fred is one of those guys who you know you can trust, does great work and is very professional. I cooked on the grill last night and it was the best tasting steak I made in years! All I can say is I will be a repeat customer for life!

Jim P.

Submitted: 03/14/2015

I saw Fred's truck in front of my neighbors house. We started talking, he came to my patio and gave me an estimate and we scheduled an appointment for the next week. He called the day before to confirm and showed up right on time the morning of appt. Fred and Tim did a wonderful job. The really take pride in their work. They brought my BBQ "back 2 new" and cleaned up the area when they finished. All in all, a very pleasant experience with a very professional team. Thank you again, Fred and Tim!

Jinny S

Submitted: 02/23/2015

I found Back 2 New on an internet search. There were a number of excellent testimonials so decided to give Fred a try. My experience was like the other that have taken the time to write. My Bull girl was a clean as it was when it was installed new when Fred and his assistant finished. They were at our home for about 2.5 hours. Fred was in the back yard cleaning the BBQ housing and his assistant was in their trailer parked on the street cleaning all of the removable components. The result was excellent and we can not be more pleased. Fred has a new and repeat client. Thanks guys for "doing the job I did not want to do".

Jerry M.

Submitted: 12/24/2014

Fred came in from a referral from another fireplace person. He was so very kind and efficient. He cleaned my pilot light and lit my fireplace for winter. Kudos to him for his effective service.

Lana Bates

Submitted: 12/05/2014

Brrrrr Its that time of year again in the Valley. Time to get your fireplace cleaned again that is. So we made the call to Fred Chase. From the moment Fred walked in the door we knew we had made the perfect choice. He showed the utmost professionalism throughout the entire experience. Fireplace is clean now and he showed us how to light it too. Also dont forget in this beautiful Valley of ours, you can BBQ year round. Freds business also handles your BBQ cleaning needs as well. So dont forget any fireplace and BBQ Grill needs, Fred is the man to call!

Effie Leavitt

Submitted: 11/24/2014

Who knew that there were batteries housed in your ignition switches? My dirty, crusty and black BBQ is now shiny, clean and working properly thanks to Fred. He is extremely pleasant, timely and professional with very reasonable prices. I will never go anywhere else for my BBQ cleaning needs!

Jen M.

Submitted: 11/14/2014

My grill needed a cleaning so badly and I was unable to do it myself. I thought what a waste of money to have someone clean your grill. OMG was I wrong when Fred was done with my grill it looked like it came from the factory way better job then I could have ever done and I worked for Weber Grill for over ten years. The best part of the whole thing is Back2New was by far the best price in the market. Way to go Fred. Jeffrey Bauer

Jeffrey Bauer

Submitted: 09/06/2014

Our grill hadn't been cleaned in years. Fred did his thing including painting the inside... when I saw it all I could say was 'WOW"!! It was a night and day difference. Now the grill works and looks like new. Thanx Fred and Tim ... hope to catch you at the poker table sometime!

Den Duckett

Submitted: 07/21/2014

I can, without hesitation or reservation, recommend Fred Chase to inspect and clean your BBQ grill. He is extremely competent, professional, courteous, efficient and most importantly -HONEST! Our grill wouldn't light and I had been informed by another vendor that the reason was the necessity for a thorough cleaning. Fred came out and determined that the failure was instead due to a faulty ignition system which required replacement parts. Fred refused to accept money for a service call. That, my friends, is service that is hard to find in today's repair climate. Give Fred a call - you'll be glad you did! I am a very satisfied customer.

Dan Anderson

Submitted: 07/14/2014

Fred came over to look at my grill and told me it would cheaper to buy a new one than to have him repair this one. Lived here for 19 years and have never come across a more honest businessman than Fred in this town.

Mike Cohen

Submitted: 07/14/2014

Best spent money in years!! My grill was malfunctioning and so dirty that we could not clean it ourselves. After Fred cleaned it , it looked brand new. My grill is 7 years old and very much used. Today it looks Brand New and works perfectly. Thanks Fred!!!


Submitted: 06/13/2014

These guys are awesome. After 8 years of use and abuse and trying to clean my built-in barbecue myself, I broke down and called Fred. Not only did he answer immediately, but he scheduled me within 2 weeks, showed up and left no mess behind. My barbecue looks so amazing I hate to start grilling again and mess it up! No way will I ever attempt to handle this messy job again myself. They stripped down and cleaned the entire unit and I elected to have the high heat paint option on the interior done as well. Will be calling them again and highly recommending them to all my friends.


Submitted: 06/12/2014

Very happy!!! Just like his website states....Fred answers his phone, sets an appointment and shows up on time! And...he did an excellent job on my grill. Our grill had never been cleaned and now it looks like new! I will be calling him before the summer is over to clean my fireplace too! He is very nice, cleans up after he is done and I would highly recommend Fred and his company!


Submitted: 05/14/2014

After three years of heavy use I decided my grill needed more cleaning than I could handle. Grill was stripped down, totally cleaned and put back together better than new (high heat paint). Fred and his partner, Tim, give the wow factor service you are looking for. Very happy and you will be too.

Barry McColeman

Submitted: 04/24/2014

posted from Angies list 04-07-14 Todd Simonton LAS VEGAS, NV 89134 Category: Decks & Porches Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: April 01, 2014 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $175.00 Description Of Work: Fred and his partner dismantled and cleaned my built-in gas grill, including the burners and replacing the igniter battery. Member Comments: Fred scheduled us as soon as possible. The grill looks like new and works great. This is probably the first time this grill has really been cleaned in years. Outstanding work; I highly recommend Back 2 New! Share on Band of Neighbors: Yes

todd s.

Submitted: 04/07/2014

Our grill and fireplace are both eight years old and never had any maintenance. I texted Fred and received a text back in a very timely manner. Fred and his team came out today and did both our grill and fireplace for us. I can tell you that he is very clean, kind, and professional. He explained things as he went along as well. Our fireplace looks better than the day it was installed! The glass is so clear, I feel like we got a whole new fireplace! Our grill was repainted (on the inside), cleaned and maintained and looks amazing! I can't wait to use it! We are really fussy, picky people and we HIGHLY recommend Fred and his company. Give them a call today, you won't regret it.

Doug and Laurie Parr

Submitted: 03/28/2014

This is the third time I have use Back 2 new BBQ cleaner the job they do is fantastic it really makes your BBQ like new, and believe me mind was in horrible shape. I highly recommend their service.


Submitted: 03/26/2014

I had bought a new $700 Weber gas grill a little over a year ago, & no sooner do I get it set up, I get called to Ca for business. While gone, my girlfriend gets it in her head that she knows everything there is to know about bbq-ing. she starts the grill, throws some chicken on, and proceeds to generously squirt (out of a plastic dispenser like the 50s styles diners use for mustard & ketchup) a homemade honey-bbq sauce all over the inside of the grill, with a few squirts actually hitting the chicken. Needless to say, just after that one episode, the grill looked like it had been used regularly for over a year or more. I had spent 3-4 hours cleaning it myself, & although it looked better, it didn't look clean. I had just chalked it up to a lesson learned, then, by accident, I found Fred's ad, gave him a call, & made an appt.. Glad I did! Fred & his assistant, both professionals in cleaning & detailing grills, spent 3.5 - 4 hours on my grill. It looks like it's never been used! A day before I found Fred's ad, I was looking @ two other grills in the range of $700-$1000.. Anyone who thinks it's time to by a new grill, give Fred & his team a call, along with a chance to work their magic, you'll be glad you did! They saved me hundreds of dollars, & my grill looks every bit as good as it did the day I unboxed it, if not better. S


Submitted: 03/25/2014

copied from angies list Scott Campbell Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: March 19, 2014 Hire Again: Yes Description Of Work: Cleaned our built-in outdoor gas BBQ grill. Member Comments: They did a great job! We really liked that we could take photos and email them to get a quote before he started. Very pleased with their work! Wow!


Submitted: 03/23/2014

Fred and his assistant are amazing. Once he quotes a price they get the job done no matter how long it takes. Do not throw away your grill...these guys can bring it back to as good as new. We originally called him for a Complete Cleaning and now call for a Light Cleaning twice a year. Excellent service. We love our grill and expect to be using BACK 2 NEW for years to come. Thanks Fred!

Jacqueline W

Submitted: 03/09/2014

This was posted to the village voice in Summerlin on there vendor list Thanks Stan for the listing!!! Thanks Ron for the feedback!!! Fred Chase Back 2 New the BBQ Cleaner, Fred Chase owner 480-4234 licensed and insured. Also cleans and repairs gas fireplaces. (Stan Bxxxxxxx xxx-xxxx Fred and his assistant together spent 5 hours and lots of elbow grease bringing my BBQ back to its original condition. He also repaired a bad gas burner. The cost was a fair $150 and it looks so good I don’t want to use it now. Ron Cxxxxxx on Black Ledge - Just used BACK 2 NEW -The BBQ Cleaner. Did a terrific job cleaning barbeque and making sure the entire unit was working properly, prompt, clean and efficient.)


Submitted: 02/26/2014

copied from angies list Carl Keppler Category: Decks & Porches Services Performed: Yes Work Completed Date: February 20, 2014 Hire Again: Yes Description Of Work: Completely cleaned my 4 burner BBQ Grill Member Comments: It was excellent. It was better than I had expected. Fred is very nice and professional. He was very timely. He more than delivered what he promised for a very fair price. My twelve year old BBQ practically looks brand new. He and his assistant worked on it for a long time. I would highly recommend him. He is a long time Las Vegas resident.


Submitted: 02/21/2014

These guys are true professionals. I called them at 9 am and by noon they were at my house. after a through cleaning and checking of our outside fireplace and reviewing the manual we realized we needed to replace the batteries behind a plate that the builder sealed in the wall and grouted around. After replacing the batteries the fireplace work perfectly. They were here over an hour checking, dismantling ,cleaning and on the phone with the manufacture and only charged for a light clean and check. I will be calling them again.


Submitted: 02/18/2014

posted on our facebook page today on 01/14 Mr Fred with Mobile BBQ and gas fireplace Cleaning service, cleaned our gas fireplace and did a very fine job. I highly recommend his services as he was thorough and professional.


Submitted: 02/16/2014



Submitted: 02/12/2014

I must say looking back at the end of the year how impressed I am with you. You came onboard just 8 months ago and have not only done a tremendous job, but have built a business to last you in the many years ahead. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished! Best wishes for a Happy Holiday! Jeffrey Krentzman Director of Operations The BBQ Cleaner


Submitted: 12/18/2013

A great job was done. It's wonderful to have a service like this that you can count on. We definitely will be repeat customers.

linda gallaher

Submitted: 09/25/2013

I've previously used other BBQ cleaning services in the area but I have to say I'll be sticking with Fred from now on. He arrived exactly on time and went straight to work on my incredibly disgusting gas grill. When he finished, the thing looked brand new! I highly recommend these guys and will be calling them up in the future.

Marty Anderson

Submitted: 09/25/2013

This review is also posted on Angie's list! Work Completed Date: September 04, 2013 Hire Again: Yes Approximate Cost: $1.00 Description Of Work: Total clean of my 42" Luxor Grill in my outdoor kitchen. It had been cleaned before by a professional, but this time it was really cleaned! Fred and Tim did at least 3-5 times more cleaning than the last crew I used. I definitely would not have used anyone that didn't have a website that detailed their work and pricing, which Fred has. Member Comments: Fred provided all information by email. I sent him photos and he provided me with a quote without having to come out. I like doing this better so I don't feel committed to something or someone when they have to come out and give me a quote. They arrived on time (a few minutes early), got the job done, didn't mess up my deck, (which I'm very protective of), used "green" cleaning materials as much as possible. I didn't provide the price I paid since I think it was a very good deal, and there's not one chance I would ever do the work myself when I can get it done by a professional at the price I paid. Now that I'm cleaned up and detailed, I'll be using him on a regular basis at his "light cleaning" price.


Submitted: 09/11/2013

I didn't think it was possible for my BBQ to look this good, Fred was upfront and on point with everything discussed,no hidden charges. I will recommend Fred to family and friends as well as use his service again.


Submitted: 09/11/2013

Fred told me his favorite word to hear is "amazing". When he finished my grill and I went out to see it, that was the first word out of my mouth. Fred and his crew were courteous, efficient, timely and did exactly what they said they would do. I feel like I just got a brand new grill.Looking forward to trying it out tonight.

Tom Conroy

Submitted: 09/03/2013

When was the last time you had a service experience that was made up of nothing but high integrity, great value, timely performance, wonderful personality, and thorough/professional work beyond what was required? Well, Fred and his company are just that. So glad I found them. Fred did an amazing job for us, giving us sound advice and some extra service beyond the call of duty. You will not be disappointed in this company and with Fred. Refer your friends to him, they will thank you. We have and they were!!

Alan G Spector

Submitted: 08/20/2013

Both of my gas BBQ's had several years of accumulated grease, etc. Fred came out, gave me a quote & completed the job n the time specified. He did some minor repair at no add'l charge. The BBQ's look almost brand new. I am very happy with his service and would recommend him to all my friends

L Larsen

Submitted: 08/17/2013

Fred came out on a Sunday morning to clean our grill. Prior to cleaning, he conducted a full inspection and discovered that the regulator was the actual source of the problem. We opted not to have the cleaning done until the regulator was repaired and offered Fred a small stipend for his time and effort. He handed half of the money back, saying a little gas money was fine. In a town with a lot of guys that look for ways to pump up the fee, Fred is a refreshing change of pace. Honest, efficient and definitely knows his way around a grill.

Humberto G

Submitted: 08/04/2013

My gas barbecue had several years of accumulated grime on it and would not light. It was so bad, I had considered having it removed. Fred showed up on time with all his tools and equipment in tow. He and his assistant got straight to work and returned my barbecue to like-new condition. Amazingly enough, it works like new, too! Thanks Fred!


Submitted: 08/04/2013

Fred was on time and worked hard on cleaning my grill. The grill had over 10 years of dirt. It looks like a new BBQ and our family is looking forward to grilling again. I would highly recommend the BBQ Cleaner Company.

Steven Levine

Submitted: 07/22/2013

We moved in last October and noted the 14 year old and dirty BBQ grill built in in the back yard. Now that we have finished getting the house inside like we want it and the landscaping up to date, it was time to decide what to do with the BBQ. After seeing Back2New's website we decided to give it a try. Back2New just finished cleaning our old BBQ Galore. Looks great, works great and we are most pleased with the wonderful job. Definitely recommend them.

Mike Greenblatt

Submitted: 07/05/2013

I have been the one to clean the BBQ grills thru the years. To clean your grills correctly it takes a lot of work. I called around to BBQ suppliers and Fred came highly recommended. I have a gas grill and a charcoal grill. Fred and his associate were on time, professional, kept the work areas very clean and neat. They did a wonderful job. They worked on my grills as if they were their own. My grill cleaning days are over. It is so refreshing to deal with people with good work ethics. You are appreciated.

Abritza Ostolaza

Submitted: 07/04/2013

I have DCS BBQ grill that is twenty years old and I looked into replacing it, but could not find new unit that would fit the space without having to cut the granite top. The stateless steel is still in good shape, but the unit was a mess. So rather than spend a small fortune to replace the unit I called Fred after finding his web site and he just finished cleaning my twenty year old BBQ and made it look like new. Can't tell you how impressed I was with his work and professionalism. Would highly recommend him to anyone.

Bob Huggins

Submitted: 06/14/2013

A buddy of ours found Fred online after my husband had been complaining of a filthy grill which he did NOT want to spend the time cleaning. Fred was on time, super friendly and very professional! I appreciated the fact that he brought his own drop cloth to protect our pavers while he cleaned our grill. The grill has never looked better (except for when it was brand new of course) and we would recommend Fred and Back 2 New The BBQ Cleaner to anyone out there who appreciates their grill and wants it to look just as amazing as the day they got it! Thanks, Fred!

the Dillmanns

Submitted: 06/10/2013

It isn't very often that a business owner tells you his services aren't really needed, but that is exactly what Fred did. He came out to my house on a very busy day for him, and after looking at my grill, told me I only needed the light cleaning. Plus, he made sure that the burners all worked, the automatic lighter fired up and the grill looked great. My wife and I are very pleased with his work, and will use him over and over again! Thanks Fred!


Submitted: 06/06/2013

Back 2 New BBQ Cleaner did a terrific job cleaning my grill. Fred went above and beyond my expectations, cleaning my grill inside and out, and even the refrigerator door, stainless drawers and sink in my grill area. I highly recommend his service to anyone that wants to keep their grill in top condition.

Glenn Levosky

Submitted: 05/28/2013

I have a seven year old charcoal BBQ that had not been cleaned during the entire time that I had it. I'm sentimentally attached to the old girl so when I heard about Fred's "Back 2 New" BBQ cleaning service I figured that "what the hell", I'd give it a try before I had to make a decision to replace it. All I can say is "AMAZING!". It absolutely looks brand new. These guys worked their butts off for hours and I couldn't be happier. Use them, you'll be happy that you did. Randy Sutton

Randy Sutton

Submitted: 05/13/2013

I had been looking for a BBQ cleaning company for about 6 months. None of the BBQ stores in town knew of any. I finally found Fred and he came out and quoted me a fair price. Later that week, and a few hours of work, and we have a new looking BBQ! Thanks, Fred! We we definitely be calling for seasonal cleanings! Highly recommend this service and hope the word spreads, so this much needed business does well.

Rob & Shannon Nickels

Submitted: 05/05/2013

Our outdoor kitchen BBQ needed a good cleaning. I called Fred on a Friday to ask for a quote. He came right over and inspected the BBQ. We made an appointment to clean the BBQ the following Monday. He arrived as scheduled and spent 3 hours cleaning the grill and adjusting the burners. The grill really looks good, just like new. I'm very satisfied with the results. I highly recommend him.

James Cooper

Submitted: 05/02/2013

all i can say is wow!!! i can't believe our grill can look so new again. our grill was so bad we were ready to throw it away and get a new one but now its back to about 90% of new. thanks fred great job.

Rick Townsend

Submitted: 04/28/2013