Gas fireplaces are very nice additions to any home, they look great and are more efficient than a wood fireplace, however they do need regular maintenance. Gas fireplaces can be dangerous if not properly maintained, therefore it is very important to take maintenance seriously! Annual maintenance of your gas fireplace will help avoid safety hazards, including an external fire due to pet hair or dust built up in the intake and ventilation vents.

All major gas appliances, including gas fireplaces, should be serviced annually as recommended by product manufacturers. Gas fireplaces are gas fueled appliances that can be hazardous, if not handled properly or serviced regularly.

Some of the warning signs that your gas fireplace is in need of service:

  • Soot build up on any part of the unit
  • Foul or suspicious odor coming from unit (dust, hair, plastic or other odd scents)
  • Discoloration, film or etching on inside of glass
  • Slow or no ignition when unit is turned on
  • Unit shuts itself off

Back 2 New's Gas Fireplace Maintenance Service will...

  • Clean dust from logs
  • Clean pet hair and dust from vent areas
  • Clean glass inside and out
  • Clean equipment exterior
  • Clean pilot burner and main burner
  • Inspect logs for proper placement
  • Inspect gasket seal and glass assembly
  • Verify burner is secured and properly aligned

The cost for this service is $125.00 and we do offer a discounted rate for homes with multiple units.
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